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Do you realize pool equipment is considered the “Heart” of the pool? Therefore, it is vital to have state-of-the-art equipment for your backyard poolscape. Equipment that is engineered to work for the homeowner, not against the homeowner.

At The Pool Boss Corp. we provide only the best pool equipment. Our equipment is trusted by pool owners. Our complete line cleans, chlorinates, heats, lights and controls your pool to maintain crystal clean water, that is safe to swim in for all. 

Hayward Pool Products

Take a look at our video and click on any of the products below to learn more about each type of pool product. See how each plays an important role in keeping your pool water crystal clear, safe and healthy for all.


Hayward Pool Heaters are technologically advanced for the perfect temperature and ultimate comfort.


Hayward offers industry leading pool filters that are reliable and easy to maintain in all weather conditions.


Hayward pumps ,single-speed and variable-speed, are engineered for performance and dependability.


Hayward offers a complete line of automatic cleaners that provide convenience and superior cleaning.


Hayward’s line of pool automation is the best in the industry and suits all backyard environments.


Hayward’ sanitization equipment provides for ease of operation for homeowners when sanitizing pools.


Hayward stays above the trend in pool lighting. LED lighting will truly enhance your pool experience.


Hayward offers a wide variety of white goods and replacement parts that will last for years.

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